Serious Game Design and Development Project Management

Since 2016, Serious Games Asia has been project-managing the development of digital training and assessment games. Our focus is to provide evidence of learning. Evidence about the progress play-learners make is crucial information for training. It provides a basis for establishing whether, and how effectively, play-learners are learning. The same evidence gives the trainers the opportunity to reflect on and suggest improvements to delivery.

We work with our clients to first identify the learning objectives and assessment requirements for each game (be it knowledge acquisition, skills development and/or attitude change), before working on the game storyboard. The key to every successful serious game is dependant on a scientific approach in developing an evidence-based storyboard. Using a well-designed storyboard, we will assign our game developer teams with the appropriate technological skillsets (Unity, Unreal, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse, IoT, etc) to the projects.

We believe strongly that the learning outcomes will allow us to recommend the appropriate technology. We are well-versed in helping our clients align their learning objectives with the appropriate game-play and assessment needs.  We understand the importance of incorporating real-time feedback that can be visualized immediately after the game session, to enable learners to recall their actions and thoughts, and connect it to their learning. Yet, these feedback should be granular enough for each play-learner to identify their shortcomings in order to take self-rectification actions.

Serious Games Asia can help you design and develop these evidenced-based feedback games that are engaging and effective.

As the playmaker, we will help you refocus on your end goals and establish the strategies and solutions to get you there.

Roblox Game

Body Anatomy Game

Role-Playing Game

Game-Based Assessment Consultancy

Game technologies comes in different forms – single player role-playing simulation game, multiplayer escape room game, virtual-reality simulation game, and metaverse digital twins. Serious Games Asia developed our unique technique to deploy the different games through our learning management system (LMS). This has made it possible to track individual play-learners’ actions and behaviour in any game deployment. We have also developed our own API for the in-game interaction data to be collated in a centralised learning record store.

What this means is that advanced adaptive algorithms could be implemented in each of our games for deeper analysis of the play-learners. We can then visualise the play-learners’ behaviour allowing the creation of open-ended environments for play-learners to explore, hence engaging and motivating them. We believe that learning can be made fun, effective and sustainable, and that serious games should be added to every trainer’s toolbox, to help tackle intractable problems and achieve better learning outcomes.

Our consultancy services includes providing expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations on how you can enhance your organization’s learning innovation and build up a suite of training and assessment games where the technology delivers, measures and supports; and the content is engaging and motivating. Let us show you how easily this could be done.

Contact us to find out how you can recruit us as your playmaker and let us help you score the winning goal!

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