Serious Game Instructional Design and Project Management

Since 2016, Serious Games Asia has been project-managing the development of digital simulation games for training and assessment purposes. Our focus is to provide empirical evidence of learning leveraging on game interaction data (learners’ behaviour). It provides a basis for establishing effectiveness of any simulation game. To be able to capture these game interaction data, it starts by incorporating instructional theories and concepts into the game design.

Game developer companies have a strong understanding of game goals, core dynamics, game mechanics and game elements, but serious game is not only about creating an immersive and engaging experience for learners. A real serious game needs to achieve specific learning outcomes. Serious games need to reflect learners’ decision making process and their knowledge depth. The differentiator between a casual game and a serious game is the critical incorporation of instructional designs in the games. Serious Games Asia possess precisely the instructional design skills to guide our clients in creating successful serious games ready for deployment.

As the playmaker, we will help you refocus on your end goals and establish the strategies and solutions to get you there.

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Serious Game Analytics and Visualisation Consultancy

The prevalence of serious games has enabled game developers to remotely (telemetry) and unobtrusively monitor every aspect of a game. We are now able to accumulate large amounts of data of the players’ game interaction over extended time periods. Such in-game statistics allow players to recap their performance and also allows trainers to compare individual players’ performances. Serious Games Asia has our team of data visualisation expertise in-house. We have developed our own API for game developer companies to link their in-game interaction data to our dashboards. With these visualization tools, game developers could better use their game data to communicate the players’ in-game behaviours.

Besides being able to amplify players’ cognition, we could now organise and simplify large amounts of information quickly in an easily accessible format. This will allow game developers/owners the capability to explore more sophisticated analysis of their game players’ behaviours and decision making process.  With our own experience gathered in the past few years, Serious Games Asia is able to share our know-how and tool-kits.

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