Navigating the digital learning landscape requires not just technology understanding and integration, but also the experience to anticipate and resolve the constant change in the technological environment.

To deploy learning game technologies for your organisation is no longer a simple task. These learning games come as a combination of diverse technologies that offer a lengthy array of features. It is easy to lose track of your initial objectives. This is when we step in as experienced Serious Games Instructional Designers to provide the guidance needed to develop and implement a learning game for training and assessment successfully.

As the playmaker, we will help you refocus on your end goals and establish the strategies and solutions to get you there.
Through understanding what your organisation hopes to achieve, what your trainers need to do, and how to engage your learners, we will design an eLearning solution leveraging on gaming technology that is motivating and yet be able to measure the specific skills competencies.
Whether you need to build knowledge, develop skills or to change attitudes and behaviour, we can tailor it to your requirements and achieve the results you care about.

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