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The Serious Games Association (SGA), a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven transnational society, aims to enrich learning experiences through harnessing game technologies and learning innovations.

SGA guiding principles:

  • ‘playing’ is critical to learning and innovation.
  • game design can empower everyone to solve problems.
  • ideas flourish when we collaborate and connect with others.
  • innovation comes from challenges.
  • self-driven motivation with deep interest in a topic will create long-term positive changes.
  • lifelong continuous learning is essential,

Administrative Council

Ivan Boo
(Serious Games Asia)

Ivan Boo
(Serious Games Asia)

Tan Wee Hoe
Vice Chair
(Sultan Idris Education University)

Tan Wee Hoe
Vice Chair
(Sultan Idris Education University)

Surendar Parasuraman
2nd Secretary
(HealthConnect Digital)

Andrew Tan

Serious Games Academy

Like any other instructional solution, a serious game should be carefully designed, developed and implemented to facilitate learning. The goal of a serious game is not only to create an immersive and engaging experience for learners, but also for them to achieve a specific learning outcome. Serious game project managers must have a strong understanding of game goals, core dynamics, game mechanics and game elements. To ensure the success in serious game development, project managers need to possess solid a well-rounded understanding of the serious games eco-system and job scope.

Serious Games Academy, as the education arm of the Serious Games Association, is committed to providing the high-quality training and education needed to nurture a multidisciplinary industry of competent and capable subject-matter-experts, instructional designers, technologist, game developers, educators, and leaders to manage any serious games and relevant learning technologies projects.

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Serious Games Activities

Since its inception, SGA has partnered with various organisations to co-organise and host events including conferences and innovation challenges. Through the interactions with like-minded individuals in such events, we hope to spark new approaches that will help us grow both personally and professionally.

Membership is complimentary, simply sign up and we will keep you updated on our activities!

Serious Games Conference 2022 (26 August 2022) – Details will be made available soon.

  • Serious Gaming & Social Connect 2012
  • Serious Gaming & Social Connect 2013
  • 1st Eco Challenge 2013
  • 2nd Eco Challenge 2014
  • 3rd Eco Challenge 2015
  • Serious Games Jam 2015
  • Serious Games Conference 2015
  • 1st Health Innovation Technology Challenge 2016
  • 2nd Health Innovation Technology Challenge 2017
  • Serious Games Conference 2018
  • SIMS Challenge 2019
  • SIMS Challenge 2020


For more information on the association, you can reach out to us at:

Serious Games Association Singapore

c/o Serious Games Asia Pte Ltd
8 Burn Road, #15-13,
Trivex, Singapore 369977